Welcoming Ontario’s new Minister of Health

Yesterday, after the whirlwind of the provincial election, Premier Wynne named her cabinet Ministers—-the prestigious jobs responsible for running our province’s most important programs and services, while managing budgets.

The healthcare portfolio is headed in a new direction. Former Minister of Health Deb Matthews, who was instrumental in getting homecare raises in this year’s budget and raising the profile of personal support workers, is taking on a new role with the Treasury Board.

To remember Deb Matthews’ work on homecare, watch her walk a day on the job with SEIU Healthcare member Juliette:

Dr. Eric Hoskins is the new Minister of Health. This has to be one of the most difficult positions in government because healthcare gets the most funding, but also has many challenges that plague the sector. People’s lives and jobs are at stake, so there is a lot of pressure.

Here is hoping that with his background and experience as a medical doctor and international humanitarian, Dr. Hoskins works with the experts to usher in a new era of progress in healthcare. As a labour union SEIU Healthcare will be in contact with him to improve the lives of healthcare workers, especially through the “Sweet $16” campaign for all homecare workers.

Deb Matthews did the work of getting the funds committed directly for wage increases because she knew homecare personal support worker compensation is much below what it should be, and what workers are able to get through traditional bargaining. Dr. Hoskins must now follow through on these promises as soon as parliament returns (date to be announced).



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